This page serves as a sort of online repository of Conferences where I have been a speaker or panel participant. Some of the presentations are available at Slideshare. In addition, I have been involved in many other events in Spain and a complete list of those can be found at Diversidad Corporativa.

February 1st 2012, Munich. The Conference Board Diversity & Inclusion New Leaders Academy (Session on Metrics). Organized by The Conference Board.

December 5th 2011, Paris. The Conference Board Diversity & Inclusion New Leaders Academy (Session on New Trends in Diversity Management). Organized by The Conference Board.

June 9th 2011, Paris. European Conference Meeting: Discrimination based on origin. Organized by the French Ministy of Internal Affairs and Inmigration.

May 5th 2011, Webinar. Valorisation of Diversity Skills. Organized by ValoDi.

March 4th 2011, ParisEngaging Men in Gender Equality policiesOrganized by  ORSE (Observatoire sur la Responsabilité Sociétale des Enterprises) and MEDEF (Mouvement des Entreprises de France).

September 16-18th 2010, Bamako (Mali). International meeting of African and European Women. Organized by CODAF.

July 15-16th 2010, Warsaw. 3rd GLBT Business Forum. Organized by EGMA

March, 25th 2010, Valencia (Spain). Technical conference an Informal meeting of EU Ministers for Gender Equality. Organized by the Spanish Presidency of the EU. 

April 15th, 2009, Utrecht (The Netherlands)Intended and unintended consequences of work-family policy: international comparison. Organized by: Sloan Work and Family Research Network

March, 19-20th 2009, Prague. Managing Talent in Pharma.  Organized by: Jacob Fleming Conferences

July 2-4th, 2008, Barcelona. 4th European Gay Police Association Conference. Organized by Gaylespol.

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