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Embedding Gender Diversity into Talent Management

There’s no way to build effective diversity and inclusion approaches without modifying the existing talent management processes. We can tirelessly repeat the benefits of  having a diverse workforce and we can develop sophisticated business cases but real change will only … Continue reading

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Introverted Leadership and Diversity Management

Shy, asocial, quiet,  and at times just weird, introverts don’t seem to fit into the image of leaders, as we tend to associate leadership and outspoken personalities. However, a true fascination by introverts is currently going on in the management … Continue reading

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The rise and fall of Generational Diversity

The notion of generational diversity is losing ground. It has been an extremely popular topic among talent and leadership practitioners at least during the last 5 years. It seemed we all needed a manual of instructions to navigate the generational … Continue reading

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Gender at the crossroads

Numbers fatigue Yes, I’m getting tired of the constant drop of statistics showing that we are far from gender equality in the workplace. I have to confess that I don’t pay attention to them anymore. We invest much time and … Continue reading

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Attitudes towards diversity management: personal lenses

In the field of corporate diversity there is life outside of the US and the UK, and some of the remarkable cases can be found, despite many challenges, in France. One of them, in my opinion, is Vinci, a huge … Continue reading

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3 Mentality patterns of men executives sustaining the glass ceiling

With the increasing political and social pressure around gender equality, it is becoming challenging to know what men executives really think about the topic. Most of them don’t dare to share their true opinion about women advancement to the top executive … Continue reading

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Diversity management: languages and accents in the workplace

Job mobility within the European Union is fairly easy: there is no paperwork involved and there is plenty of information available to help you with the decision. The European Job Mobility Portal contains lots of helpful information, including not only … Continue reading

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Men and Gender Equality

After some years of being a blogger about Diversity and Inclusion in Spanish, I would like to begin posting also in English. Talking about gender from a masculine perspective seems to me a good start for a first post. As a … Continue reading

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