My name is Uxio Malvido. I was born in the Northwest of Spain, in Galicia, near the border with Portugal. My professional career has been developed mainly in Madrid. However, I recently moved to London from Paris, city where I was living in the last two years. Certainly, many changes in the last times…  I still come back to Paris each other weekend to attend a Master on Intercultural Management. In London I hold a global position in the area of Diversity and Inclusion in a mining company. Previously I have worked at  Accenture as a Change Management Consultant, and at Merck where I have held different positions in the area of Training and Development, Human Resources and also Diversity and Inclusion.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and another one in Chemistry.  I have also followed extensive executive education programs in many cities in Europe and the US, as well as Dubai and Shanghai. I love travelling and having a global perspective. I take pictures of corporate buildings during my trips and use them to renew often the heading of the blog. The complete gallery of images is available here.

I’m very much interested in the intersection of Talent Management and Corporate Responsibility strategies as critical pathways to ensure sustainability of businesses in the future. I have found that Diversity and Inclusion is the perfect place to explore those critical relationships and this blog is my way to share, learn and connect with minds and hearts alike ;).

Feel free to contact me in Twitter  @UxioMalvido or through LinkedIn:   View Uxio Malvido's profile on LinkedIn

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